Jen Aniston’s viral video

I don’t usually link to the latest viral videos, but this one I will because it’s a) well done, b) rather amusing, and c) both mocking and elucidating the world of web marketing. “Going Viral” is what every web marketing campaign dreams of, and this one is accomplishing that by making fun of what elements usually seem to go viral.

I give you the Jen Aniston “Sex Video” (safe for work–the title is part of the joke)

I have to admit a certain respect for Jennifer Aniston. She’s been through a lot in her personal life, but manages to carry herself with class through it all. She’s also kept her image fairly steady and reasonably wholesome when many lesser-named actresses choose the tawdry path to stay in the public eye.

In short, to keep it in business terms, she’s maintained a consistent brand. Perhaps her brand is not the most visible, but it’s reliable. And unlike Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan, her brand will still be around long after they have immolated theirs. And even if not, I know which brand businesses would rather bank on.

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