Random Musings: Morality, Herman Cain, An answer, Blue eyes

I’ve been meaning to write a post on morality for awhile now, but Mona Charen has managed to capture much of what I would say in her column “Moral Abdication“. One highlight:

The irony is that this supposed reluctance to make moral judgments is itself a moral posture. The young people in the study, like the authors of my son’s textbook, and much of the American establishment, believe that it is morally wrong to judge people harshly. (Except, perhaps, if it’s Western civilization you’re condemning.)

Read the whole thing. It’s a beginning.

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 I’m not sure what to think of the sexual harassment allegations against Herman Cain. And I don’t plan to think much until/unless we learn something close to actual fact. Right now we only know that there were several problems close to 20 years ago. If true, everyone will have to decide for themselves whether that should exclude Cain from candidacy. But until we know real details, we don’t know if the incidents were simply hyper-sensitive women who objected to his complimenting them on their outfits (yes, it happens) on one end of the spectrum to sexual assault at the other end.

I can guess by the fact that the women were willing to take settlements rather than pursue criminal charges that it wasn’t the worst-case scenario, but I would still be only guessing.

Certainly the way Cain has handled the situation could have been better. Some claim that it proves he’s not ready for prime time. I would, sadly, have to disagree. He’s been no more inept than Larry Craig, John Edwards, or Bill Clinton. Or Anthony Weiner. It seems to me he’s got the political game down pat. And in my book that is more of a reason to disqualify him.

In the mean time, here’s an interesting column by Linda Chavez on sexual harassment in general that is worth some consideration.

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Here’s at least a partial answer to the question I asked in my post yesterday: Occupy protesters disavow Oakland violence. (But not all)

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Want blue eyes? Here’s one way. Of course everyone knows you can do the same with donuts–it’s cheaper and more delicious.

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