Ninja Cow?

An entire town mesmerized by a cow on the lamb? I give you Ninja Cow!

Wayward livestock can pose serious threats to human and other animals. Even a small deer can destroy a car, seriously injuring the occupants in a collision. Still, for months, the Ninja Cow eluded police and locals, making late night appearances on private lawns, leaving behind only cowpies as evidence of its existence.

The effort to bring in, or even bring down, the Ninja Cow was not lacking. Police and local experts tried just about everything from luring the cow with biscuits and gravy to capturing her on an infrared camera. They played cow sounds on a laptop. But every attempt failed. Pretty much the only thing they didn’t try was recreating the cow costume from Top Secret.

It even ended with a dramatic ending as the local police chief felt he had no choice but to kill Ninja Cow. Fortunately that wasn’t necessary. Ninja Cow is now in custody and has been cowed into submission. For now. Perhaps she is only waiting for the right opportunity to break free and continue her reign of terror!

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  1. Jeannine says:

    I thought for sure that this would be about a NaNoWriMo plot device, but this was nearly as entertaining.

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