Hope springs eternal

I blame it on the weather. I was walking our dog the other evening. It was shirt-sleeve warm, with a light breeze. Trees everywhere were starting to leaf. The nearby mountains, still wrapped in snow, towered above the houses and trees. For a moment I was completely in the moment and happy.  

This is not something that comes naturally to me. Not only have I inherited my mother’s worry-gene, but I tend to live inside my own head. It’s rare that I have nothing running through my mind. Even if I’m not worrying I’m replaying a conversation, thinking ahead on a project, or wondering about one thing or another. To paraphrase Yoda, I’m one of those people who seldom has my mind on where am, or what I’m doing. At least not if the work at hand doesn’t demand my full concentration.

So for me to come outside my head long enough to take a look around and enjoy the moment takes some doing. It takes, for example, a beautiful spring evening. And then the dog required scooper service and it was back to reality again. But it was a wonderful moment while it lasted.

I’m hoping for more such moments as spring develops. We’re still in that early “do we or don’t we” stage when snow is still possible and a heavy jacket is the safest bet when you leave the house in the morning. As more mild weather comes along I need to make sure I’m where those moments can happen again.

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