Calling Dr. Who fans…

I’ve been hearing about Dr. Who for some time now, though I’ve never actually seen it. I know, I know…that’s enough for some of you to reconsider claiming you know me. But I won’t always be this lost and degenerate. I’m seriously considering taking my first step into a larger world and watching some.

And that’s where you, my dear friends, come in! I’ve heard there’s lots of debate over which Dr. Who is the best, which episodes are the best, etc. So answer me this: If a Who-Noob were to pick one season to watch, which one would you recommend? Is this a series that can only be understood by watching it from the very beginning? Am I committing a diplomatic faux pas by even opening this can of worms?

Talk to me, Who-sits (er…Who-heads? Who-vians? What do you call yourselves, anyway?). What do I need to know before diving into the world of the good Doctor?

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