Web Wanderings: Elle Me Dit

Not long ago I put out a call for more interesting foreign music to try out. My niece recommended Elle Me Dit, by Mika. What I found was a rather fun, quirky little tune with an even more fun, even quirkier video. I’m not sure why I find it so catchy, but I like it. So, without further adieu (except maybe some more comments after) I give you Elle Me Dit:


Again, not sure why, but I find the old, long-haired guy very fun to watch. He’s so expressive, and he’s clearly having fun. But then they all are. The video gives me the urge to just cut loose and be silly and not care who’s watching. I suppose I ought to find out if the words have anything to do with anything.

Update: Au contraire! I won’t go into detail here. If you want a translation they can be found. The gist is that the singer’s mother is trying to get him to shape up and do something with his life and he’s resisting. But the chorus, which seems contrary to the tone of the rest of it, has the mother repeatedly asking “Why do you waste your life?” and then telling him to dance.

So there you go. Your message for the final approach to the weekend: Why waste your life? Dance! Have fun! Enjoy things!

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