Sport Report

…because you guys just can’t get enough of me bragging about my kids. ūüėČ

Baseball season is over (again). We had both of the boys on the same team this time, which made things interesting. These two who often fight like cats and dogs at home formed their own team-within-a-team. Whenever they could they’d arrange it so that one of them would play a base and the other would be a fielder nearby. Any time a ball came near them they’d work together to get the runner out. And it worked pretty well quite a few times.

Batting was a bit more problematic. It was machine-pitch, which gave them both some trouble at first. But before long they would both get hits every time at bat. Getting on base was another story. Poor Richard, the younger of the two. He has a tendency to swing a little late, so the ball would usually go toward first base. He’s not particularly fast, so unless the other team dropped the ball he’d get out. He got pretty discouraged at times. Once on base, though, he’d do pretty well.

Most importantly, I think the two started taking pleasure in the other doing well. If they weren’t having as good a game as they’d have liked, they’d feel a little better if the other one did well. Not to worry, they still fight at home.

Soccer season is wrapping up next week. Emma’s struggling a bit this time around. Her lack of height is starting to become a factor, and she knows it. If she doesn’t hit a growth spurt soon I wouldn’t be surprised if she hangs it up. On the other hand, she is getting better. She had an awesome night at tonight’s game. The first half she was goalie, and though her team did a good job on defense (more importantly, perhaps, on offense, too), she did have to make a couple of stops, diving on the ball as the thundering hoard arrived. She’s found a touch of fortitude along the way.

The second half she played center, and had an incredible night. It seemed like everywhere the ball went, there she was. She made quite a few solid defensive plays, and helped keep the offense alive on a few occasions. She was making passes, and trying to anticipate where long kicks were headed. It was fun to watch her out there tearing it up.

It was also doggone cold on the sidelines! The field was lit, or they’ve had played all but the first quarter in the dark. It’s no wonder they try to end the baseball season sooner–no lights on the fields (Though the fact that there ARE lights on the soccer field indicates where the city’s priorities lie, though I suppose that can be forgiven, considering we’re home to the only professional soccer team for several states).

Anyway, after Emma’s last game next week (against the only team that’s been able to beat them this season, though twice and handily), that’s it until late next spring. That’s probably a good thing. I think the kids are getting a little tired of going to practices and games all the time. A little rest will be good.

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