Blend until creamy

At the beginning of last week my boss’ boss’ boss’ boss dropped in to throw everything into chaos. The system we’ve been working on is being phased out in the next two years, and our team is being split up and sent to two other teams. They’re also going to move us again as soon as possible–back to where we came from.

So naturally we all just went back to work and got busy on whatever we’re currently doing while we patiently wait for everyone to figure everything out and let us know the details. And the Volga is a new dance craze that’s sweeping the nation.

Yes, work has been nuts for the last week and a half. About the only thing I know at this point is that I like my new boss. This is based on one half-hour meeting and a few emails. The main thing is that she appears to be listening to all of us, is not rushing to judgment on things, but is still making sane, calm decisions as quickly as she can.

I haven’t really had a boss who I would consider a strong leader since I worked for my brother. I intend to keep an eye on my new boss, as she may very well be someone I can observe and learn from.

But other than a cool new boss, everything else is completely uncertain. That, by itself, is not a big deal. I’m used to uncertainty of that sort. The hard part is not everyone is dealing with the change well. Emotions are running a bit hot at present, and while it’s interesting to see how everyone deals with things, it’s still making work a bit uncomfortable for the time being.

Fortunately the holidays are coming. I just need to hang in for another week and then I start a ten-day vacation. With any luck by the time I get back to work they’ll have much of the uncertainty resolved and I’ll be able to start fresh. I won’t hold my breath, though. I’ll be happy if we even reach that point by mid-January.

I will definitely miss riding the train. I’ll be back at the remote building with very few public transportation options. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

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  1. Dan Stratton says:

    You are too kind. Change is an interesting challenge best observed quietly and enacted quickly and completely. And Jonathan would like to have a battle during your time off.

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