My kids: Good, or just good at it?

As best I can tell, my kids are weird. I’ve always heard about kids who would scour the house before Christmas trying to find their presents. I had a brother who did that, and dragged me down with him. I’ve heard of people who would try to peek at their wrapped presents under the tree–some who even go so far as to unwrap the gift, then try to wrap it up again so no one will know.

My kids don’t do that. Or else they’re so good at it they’ve never been caught. They will shake their presents to see what they sound like. But they don’t seem to try to go finding them in advance.

We’re reasonably certain they’re just not that sneaky. My wife is a stay-at-home mom, and our kids are not prone to disappearing for periods of time. They’re usually in either the living room or the family room. They also like to tattle far too much to let anyone get away with something like that.

But then again, my brother and I were sneaky. I don’t think we ever got caught. I don’t think Mom and Dad ever figured it out. In my case I just gave up because I realized it was no fun knowing what you were going to get before Christmas. I have a hard time believing my daughter has never been tempted to search or peek. I’m certain she would be able to frighten her brothers into silence.

I can believe the boys don’t go searching. For all Walter’s eagerness to get on with the big events in his life, I don’t think he’d like knowing beforehand. I don’t think he’d be able to hide it, either. His excitement on Christmas morning is too sincere.

Richard is even more patient. And stubborn. If he decides that something is not acceptable he won’t do it. End of discussion. And he’ll scream bloody murder if someone else does it. He’d be the first to rat out his siblings.

Some day we might find out the truth. Perhaps not. But I’ll be on the lookout this year for kids who might not be as excited about things as they usually are. My kids are good kids. But not go hunting to find their Christmas presents? Inconceivable!

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  1. Robyn Taylor says:

    Our kids don’t look for their gifts or try to open wrapped presents. They used to want to when they were younger, but I told them that if they found out what they got before Christmas, then it would be really boring. The fun and surprises of the day wouldn’t exist. Now they would rather wait even though at times it seems difficult.

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