Fresh air

Although it snowed like crazy on Saturday, yesterday the clouds cleared off and the day was sunny. The breeze kept it a bit brisk, but otherwise it was a beatiful day. We decided we had been indoors enough, and in the afternoon we all went for a walk together around the neighborhood. It was just sunny enough to make one want to unzip their coat, but not take off their hat.

It felt good to get outside, breath fresh air and feel sun on my face under a clear blue sky. This winter it’s been rare. Even when we do get sunny, clear skies I’m usually indoors at work or otherwise engaged. I won’t go so far as to say I was feeling good enough to throw a few snowballs because I have my Fifth Amendment rights, but I was feeling pretty good.

I think it is safe to say I’m getting cabin fever. It’s been a long winter, or it’s sure felt long. I remember when winter used to last from November through April, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise when it still does. People even warned me when we first moved here that winters can get pretty serious. But last winter came and went looking much like the mild winters we were used to where we used to live, so it was easy to assume it would always be that way.

Prior to this weekend’s snowfall the region was at only 80% of normal. We could use some more. Part of me knows and accepts that. But part of me is ready to get outside again.

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