Mental bends

In an email from a fellow attendee at LTUE she described herself as “decompressing.” I think that’s about right. Three days of continual presentations and networking fills the brain with all sorts of stuff. Fortunately for me, one of the ways I instinctively deal with too much information is to try and organize it. I spent part of the day yesterday typing up all my notes and organizing all my contacts.

What I’m finding most difficult is getting out of learning mode. I find myself wanting to go find more information on writing. Part of it, too, is to avoid actually getting back to writing. There is so much I want to try now that I can’t decide where to start. So perhaps the best thing I can do today is to not write, and instead go do something physical to quiet my brain.

Which is why I’m grateful to be off work today. At work I’d be facing a slow day with not much to do, and none of it very physical. But it’s Presidents Day, and when the banks are closed, the people that support them get the day off, too. It looks like a nice, warmish day out there. I might even go play some basketball.

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