Spring is springing!

This weekend has shown some serious signs of being spring at last. At least is sure feels like “at last.” Saturday was up into the 50’s, and sunny. Today it was cloudy and rainy–but still warm, and “spring-y feeling”.

We’ve had snow on the ground pretty much constantly since Christmas, and what snow we’ve got left is that grainy, dirty, worn-out snow that just sits there and looks unattractive. Getting rid of that will certainly be a nice change.

Rain is a nice, change, too. I imagine my wife will feel otherwise when she’s wading through mud carrying five gallon buckets of water tomorrow at the animal sanctuary. And it might be a bit slick on the roads tomorrow morning, too. The transition to spring is seldom trouble-free.

But just the promise of spring is enough to make me feel a little lighter, a little more optimistic. Bring on the tree buds!

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