The Fence – Part Two

Not all of my vacation was fun and games. I also started work on the next phase of the Great Fence Project. We have a gravel strip that runs along side our garage to the back yard. We don’t now and probably never will own an RV to park there. We do have other things we would like to do with that space, however. We just don’t want it visible to the rest of the neighborhood. So I’m building a fence to re-attach part of that area to the back yard.

There are advantages to digging post-holes there. Yes, the ground is dry, but there are no sprinkler lines for me to hit. There were surprisingly few tree roots, in spite of the three large Chinese elms just over the fence in my neighbor’s back yard. Not only did I move the scrap wood pile that was in the way, dig out all the gravel along the line of the new fence, and get all three post-holes dug, I was able to put the posts in and pour the concrete around them, all in one afternoon. Another good Saturday effort should complete the entire project.

That’s quite a difference from the ongoing struggle with the first part of the project.

It will feel good to finally have this whole project off my list. This long, hot summer has only seemed longer and hotter with this hanging over me the last several months. Of course next year will likely bring new and amazing projects to curl the toes and curdle the blood. But that’s something to worry about next year.

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  1. Always the industrious fella. Good for you, buddy.

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