The third pea

My kids are alike as three peas in a pod…at least if you compare their last names. There are some physical resemblances, but that’s about the end of it. By nature of being in the same family they have developed some common interests, but they are very unique, distinct individuals. My oldest is an artist. The middle child is the engineer. The youngest? He’s our athlete.

Sure, he can sit motionless and read a book for hours straight like the others, but the rest of the time he’s got to be active. At first it was the indoor basketball hoop we got him for Christmas. He would shoot baskets at that from morning to night it seemed. And though he didn’t see it that way, he was holding his own against his taller siblings when we played basketball for real outside.

Then his teacher at school introduced him to tennis. He liked it, so we got him his own equipment. Our garage door has paid a heavy price. But he not only practiced, he got better and better. The first time I took him to a local court to play I really had to tone it down. The last time we went I had to start showing him some of my best stuff to keep up. He’s eight, and my legs are twice as long as his. I can still take him, but with his focus and his regular tennis lessons I anticipate I’ll be the one needing to improve before long. Eventually he’ll need to find better opponents the challenge him.

I’ve said before I’m not that into sports. It was never a big deal in our house growing up. But considering how easily this kid gets bored by the same stuff the other two love, I’m glad we’ve been able to find him something that he loves, is good at, and is his alone (that’s also important when you’re the youngest). It will be interesting to see how far he goes with it. But for just what it’s done for his confidence, focus, and maturity, I’m grateful. I’m glad to see him take to something the way he has.

I wonder if that will be enough for him, or if he’ll want to branch out into other sports before long.

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  1. Variety is good. I am glad that he is broadening your life.

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