Fast away the old year passes

Hail the new, ye lads in glasses.

It’s been a pretty good year, all things considered; a year of incremental improvements. We got our roof replaced, and now we don’t get drips or enormous icicles beneath the eaves over our front door. I got the fence replaced before it fell down, and even put up a new fence to screen part of our driveway area. Our garden was a little better this year, and we got some really nice fruit from some of our trees. The shed and garage are better organized. The kids are a year older and wiser (whereas I’m just older), and we’ve found some really fun games we all like to play.

At work I’ve gone from working on an obscure and misunderstood project to being heavily involved on one of the more key projects in the company. I got a new manager who liked and supported me (and got me assigned to the aforementioned key project) to a manager who liked and championed me, to a manager who seems to like me, but I’m still figuring out.

My daughter won’t get her braces off until spring, but the two-year payment contract has ended, at least. We found a sport for my youngest son that he’s crazy about–and crazy good at. My middle son tried a new position in baseball and made some significant improvement, and has a teacher at school that he really likes–and who doesn’t load him down with weird homework that gets his back up.

The business in which I’m a partner has had its best year yet, and survived another attempt by at least one game console manufacturer to eliminate our industry, ensuring at least a few more years before they try again. We’ve also been able to position ourselves for growth in the new year while capitalizing on the commercial demise of a competitor.

There have been some setbacks and disappointments, too, but it’d be silly to dwell on those. It’s been a good year. I’m grateful for that. I’m feeling optimistic about the new year*, though our plans are just beginning to form. I’ll settle easily for keeping everyone healthy, happy, fed and clothed. There is much to be said for that.

Thank you all for being my friend, and for sticking by me even when I’ve been a bit of a jerk* (or worse). All the best to you and yours for the new year. May your year be rife with incremental improvements (or better).

*- Cue commentary from Bill ūüėČ

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