Burnin’ down the house

This weekend I played one of my best games of Monopoly ever. I was over at a friend’s house, and while I usually do okay at Monopoly…well, let’s say I monopolized the game. I creamed him. Wiped the board with him.

So naturally, I was thrilled with my victory and called home to tell the wife and kids about it. They were pretty excited, too. In fact, they got this great idea and hauled all our living room furniture out in the street and set fire to it. For good measure they threw rocks through all of the windows on the front of the house. It was great! I can’t wait for the next game!

Okay, obviously that didn’t happen, right down to playing a game of Monopoly (let alone winning!). I’ve been reading the reports of the post-Super Bowl celebrations in Seattle, and I can’t help but scratch my head. I know this is nothing new, but I’ve never understood it before, either. I mean, it would be at least a smidgen understandable if they lost. I could understand if the damage were unintentional, like jumping on cars to celebrate and cracking a windshield. But one doesn’t accidentally pile up furniture and set it on fire.

It’s really stupid and disgusting, and I hope there are a lot of arrests. It’s possible to celebrate without destroying things. It’s possible to support your team without ruining your hometown. It’s enough to make me hope the Jazz never win an NBA championship. As a general rule, the losing team doesn’t have to put their town back together afterward. If there’s one thing worse than bad losers, it’s bad winners.

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  1. Terhi says:

    From the sound of it Denver should be really happy that their team wanted (yes, wanted) to lose so that they could end the game early and not miss their favorite TV show. At least that’s the story that’s going around in Emma’s school.

    Bad losers, bad winners…At this rate I soon won’t see anything but bad in football.

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