Ban battlespace preparation?

Now this is interesting. Ashe Schow of the Washington Examiner offers some counter-information and does a little dot-connecting on the Ban Bossy campaign:

Make no mistake, there is always a deeper agenda whenever a seemingly innocent campaign pops up overnight.

On Sunday, Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg launched a new campaign, known as ‘Ban Bossy,’ which would – as you can imagine – encourage people to ban the word “bossy.”

Is there some kind of epidemic of that word being used to keep girls from achieving? Many of the surveys cited by the Ban Bossy campaign are decades old, and a more recent survey by the Girl Scouts of America found that girls are more likely than boys to see themselves as a leader or have the desire to be a leader.

But…that’s not what we’re being told! And the dots form what picture?

For starters, Sandberg is an ally of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016.

Clinton does not always poll well. She’s been called “bossy” before, even by feminists. For better or worse, when compared to other woman leaders, Ms. Clinton is perceived more harshly, more domineering. So if this really is, as Schow suggests, an effort to pre-emptively cast those who disagree with Clinton’s policies as sexists and/or people who are afraid of strong women, this is frightening. We’ve already seen, under President Obama, a continuous effort to cast critics as racist. Do we want more of this under a different banner?

Had the last election come down to a choice between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton I would have voted for Hillary, not for racial or gender issues, but because of their policies. I would be hopeful that Clinton, like her husband, could be swayed to take a more centrist approach like he did in his second term. But frankly, if I have to endure another presidential term of not being free to disagree with the person holding one of the instrinsically controversial positions in the free world, then heaven help us all.

I really, really hope Schow is wrong on this one. It would be most ironic if the “Ban Bossy” campaign is nothing more than preparations to boss us all around some more.

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6 Responses to Ban battlespace preparation?

  1. Yeah, this probably is what this is all about. “Disagreeing with me makes you a horrible person and probably a criminal scumbag” is not a new political tactic.

    • Thom says:

      Is it just me, or is our government/political process starting to make the conspiracy theorists seem more credible all the time? Or perhaps it’s just that our political class are starting to mine the conspiracy theorists for ideas.

  2. What do you think that the TV series “Commander in Chief” was?

  3. Doesn’t require a vast conspiracy. People behave in what they think is in their best interest. If that means that people with “broadcast power” seek for ways to editorialize in their favor, gee, what a surprise. The NY Times has been doing it for decades.

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