Clean joke day!

Okay, everyone! Let’s hear your best clean joke!

Here’s mine:

There was a group of big-game hunters from various countries who had met through the years and become good friends to the point that they began going on expeditions together. Ian was from Great Britain, Sergei was from Russia, and Anton was from the Czech Republic. One day Ian read an article about the giant, man-eating kangaroos in Australia and got the idea it might be fun to go hunt some, so he called up Sergei and Anton and they made arrangements to take a safari in Australia to go hunt.

When they arrived in Australia they hired an Aboriginal guide, Collin, to help them find the best spot to hunt the giant, man-eating kangaroos. It took several days of travel through some of the most brutal terrain any of them had ever traversed, but they finally reached a spot about 1000 km south of Ayers Rock. Collin assured them there would be giant, man-eating kangaroos in the area, but they were quite sensitive and cunning, so they’d have to be very sneaky. They hunted all the first day and didn’t see a thing.

The second day they decided to split up. Sergei and Anton went one direction, while Ian went with Collin in the other. The Brit and the Aussie hunted for half the day with no luck, but not long after stopping for lunch they suddenly topped a rise, and there they were! A male and a female, at least ten feet tall, and looking as ferocious as lions! Collin, having dealt with them before, calmly brought up his rifle and snapped off a shot, catching the female a clean shot through the head. Ian, however, had never seen anything like them, and his hands shook as he fired. He missed the male kangaroo by six inches, and the creature leaped away like lightning before he could get off another shot.

Excited, the two men hurried over to the female kangaroo Collin shot and began cleaning the carcass. To their surprise, when they started to cut open the kangaroo’s belly, they found the Russian, Sergei, inside! “Well, that’d be ’bout right, wouldn’t it,” Collin muttered.

“What?” Ian asked.

“I’ll betcha the Czech’s in the male.”


Okay, your turn! Revenge is sweet! One good pun deserves another!

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  1. How do you get an elephant into a fridge?
    Open the door and put it in.

  2. “I just flew in from (fill in the blank) and boy, are my arms tired.

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