New feature!

It took a long time to get around to it, but if you look at the image in the upper right hand corner of the page, on the right side of the header, I’m no longer showing the canned pictures that came with this WordPress theme. They’re now pictures that I took. That’s right! Now offers you 10% more customized, personal content on every page! There should be about 10 pictures that will be selected randomly each time you visit one of my pages.

It’s just another amazing fun-and-free service I offer to you, my loyal, masochistic readership!

But wait, that’s not all! You also get this blog post! Written just for you, and only one day ahead of when you’ll get to read it, so you know it’s fresh!

And as a special bonus, I thought I’d answer a few questions from my imaginary mailbag!

Q. What’s your most popular post ever?

A. That would be my review of Nolwenn Leroy’s album, “Bretonne”, but close behind are my post about abdication of Christian responsibility, and another review on Brandon Mull’s “The Candy Shop War”.

Q. Your new pictures are getting boring. When are you going to put up new ones?

A. As I get more that I like I may swap them into the rotation. Or not. Just deal, okay? You get new content most every day as is. Ingrate.

Q. Why are you so rude to me, your one and only reader?

A. Hi, Bill!

Q. I’m not Bill. So you mean there’s more than one reader?!

A. Oddly enough, yes! I hear I’m getting pretty big in the “family of my wife” demographic. Actually, I’ve had page hits from over 100 separate countries! Go figure!

Q. How much did that cost you?

A. Ha ha, very funny. It doesn’t cost you anything if you write at least one blog post containing the phrase “hot naked celebrities”.

Q. What’s your least-viewed post?

A. That, apparently, would be my post about Jennifer Aniston’s viral video. It got two views.

Q. Why is that?

A. Beats me. I mean, it’s got a viral video, and it’s got a celebrity. But not the phrase “hot naked”. So that might be it.

Q. Why don’t you do more Q&A posts like this?

A. Isn’t it obvious? I’ll bet this one beats out my Jennifer Aniston post. Oh, wait. It’s got “hot naked celebrities” in here twice now. Never mind.

Q. Are we done yet?

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7 Responses to New feature!

  1. Dan Stratton says:

    Well, I didn’t believe you knew Jennifer Aniston well enough to have her viral video, so I figured you were just lying. Should I go back and read it? Could it be your including it in your Q&A just to fish for more hits and get it out of the cellar? Are you that devious as to use your relationship with a major movie star, just to get a few measly hits to your blog?

    • Thom says:

      More likely I was the last person in America to discover the video (I think it was for Vitawater or something like that), so no one needed to read my post. If I knew Jennifer Aniston I’d get her to write a guest post for me. That’d get more readers than a YouTube link, I suspect. ūüôā

  2. It is nice to be noticed … hot naked sex.

  3. Are you sure that it wasn’t naked NSA spying, sweaty, sex celebrity huge.

  4. Bill and hot naked sex in the same sentence. Now I have to shove a hot poker through my mind’s eye. Thanks a lot.

  5. Steamy hot sex naked celebrity sex … glad to help.

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